Why Do You Need A Franchise Coach?

WordCloud-3If you have ever tried to investigate Franchising, you probably became frustrated at some point and wished that acquiring a franchised business was less complicated. It would be a lot easier if buying a Franchise was similar to the way you buy products off of the internet: pick the product, hit the button, pay and BOOM!, it’s yours.

But finding the right Franchise can be like walking into the forest without knowing the trail, the traps or where the bears are.

Buying a franchise is a serious thing, not just for you, but also for the Franchisor. Buying a Franchise is not only a financial decision, but also a life decision. There is a process that needs to take place that insures that you get the Franchise that can make you happy as well as bring you financial success.  Indeed, it is hard to imagine one without the other.

Your best chance at securing financial and personal success in Franchising is to obtain experienced guidance that shows you how to successfully navigate the process.

Here are the steps in the process that a qualified Franchise coach will help you to wend your way through:

  1. Shopping: Do you know what TYPE of Franchise you want? There are thousands of available Franchises. A Franchise Coach can focus you in on the Franchises that meet your goals and are best suited for you as an individual.         banker
  1. Funding: Before you get very far, you will need to determine just how much Franchise you can afford, and how you will finance your business. A Franchise coach can determine which Franchises fit your unique financial profile and can even recommend experienced franchise lenders.

  1. Comparison: You have shopped the Franchise Market and you have decided that there are say two types of Franchises that you are interested in. But there are 25 different companies offering Franchises in these two categories. You will need to compare them and prioritize them? A good Franchise coach would have the ability to offer guidance that will make this task easier.
  1. Preparation: Once you’ve assembled the Franchises that line up with your personality, goals, requirements and finances, you will need to prepare to present yourself as a viable candidate to those Franchises. You will need to know what questions to ask and what questions to avoid. It will also help if you know what the Franchisor will expect from you the first time you talk.
  1. Introductions: A Franchise coach will set up calls with a decision maker at the Franchises you choose, and will also prepare the Franchise to be eager to talk to a candidate with your qualifications.
  1. Due Diligence: After you’ve shopped, compared, met with a representative of the Franchise, your funding is in place, and you have successfully engaged the Franchisor, you will enter into the final stage of investigation. The Franchisor may give you additional information that is not normally part of their public presentation. The Franchisor may also introduce you to some established and successful Franchisees to get their opinion of the company. After this step you should be ready to make a decision. You will need to hire an attorney and an accountant to review the documents. A Franchise coach can guide you to experienced legal and accounting professionals.
  1. Franchise Award: You have made your decision. The Franchisor has accepted you. Your attorney and accountant have reviewed the documents. It’s time to sign the Franchise Agreement and become a Franchisee.
  1. Ownership: Congratulations, you are now a Franchise Owner and you begin working with your Franchise, going through the training process and building your business.


Franchising is an investment of your hard earned dollars. Decisions on investing your money and your time should not take place in a rush or a vacuum. It makes sense to take the time to do it right by using the experience of an experienced Franchise coach.