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Did you know that, just like people, franchises have life cycles?

It’s true! Franchises experience 5 stages of growth and its important understand where you fit in and which franchises can meet your personal, financial and lifestyle goals.

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Suzanne Delica 

Clothes Mentor Franchisee

From our initial call to the day after we signed the franchise agreement, Kevin has been present, involved, and guiding through the entire process. There was never a time we felt alone or blind-sighted. Kevin spent significant time upfront helping us to prepare our business profiles, validate good fits, and make initial contacts with our prospective franchisors. This initial work coupled with Kevin’s shared resources ensured we made the best decision for us based on our personalities, lifestyles, and financial statements.

Now, with a fully executed franchise agreement in hand and well-informed expectations for our adventurous future ahead, we can surely look back and say Kevin played one of the biggest roles! We are eternally grateful for his guidance and expansive network of like-minded, kind professionals – all necessary to create a well-oiled franchise empire. Thanks Kevin!!!


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