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Bisio on Gaining Independence and Building Confidence

Most of you know that I feel strongly about setting a positive, independent example for our children.  This month, in an attempt to get our mind off the Corona Virus, I would like to discuss why.

A little history.  Growing up I had a father who owned his own business.  At the dinner table we discussed staffing issues. Monday evenings dad was in his office doing payroll.  On Saturdays I helped at the business cleaning floors, folding towels and making coffee.  This was all I knew growing up.  It was my reality.  My father never came home and said, ‘I may be downsized’ or ‘We may have to relocate to a new city’.  He never worried about what his ‘boss’ was thinking.  He never had to deal with office politics or angle for a promotion.  Of course, some years were better than others but I always knew the buck stopped with my dad.  This is my image of a ‘Dad’.  Even though my father did not do this by design, his choice regarding lifestyle and actions created a very independent, confident young man.  I always knew that one day the buck would stop with me – just as it did with my dad.

A number of years ago my wife and I decided that we wanted to set the same example for our children.  We want them to grow up independent and confident.  As a result, my wife and I both have our own businesses.  Both of our high school age children understand the importance of self determination and strength regardless of what the world trows at us.   Of course, nobody really knows what the future holds for our children.  The most we can hope for is that by setting the right example, we will be able to provide a reservoir of strength that our children can tap into as adults.

I find the children don’t always listen to what you say, however, they closely watch what you do.  As you set your own path, remember that your children, and possibly grandchildren, are watching.  The positive, independent example you set for your children is the single most important gift you can give.

– Rick Bisio

7 Reasons Why Your Salaried Job Is Like Crack Cocaine


Rick Bisio

From time to time, as a franchise coach, I work with individuals who are perfectly positioned to become business owners.They have lots of money, no debt, great skill sets, likable personalities and a true desire to break out of the employee mentality.

However, at the end of the coaching process, some still decide to return to their jobs. And, of course, for anyone who is a business owner, this is exceptionally hard to understand. Why would anyone spend his or her life preparing for freedom, yet once that opportunity arose, return to a salaried job?

There is only one reason that I can think of: Salaried jobs are like crack cocaine. Okay, I may sound like I’m a bit off my rocker, but stay with me. What is it like to be addicted to a drug like crack cocaine? Recently, when I read about drug addiction and discussed it with a drug-counselor friend, I learned a few things. And here’s my bottom line: You will be amazed at the similarities between a salaried job and drug addiction.

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Start your own business…or buy a franchised business?

Someone recently posted on my Facebook page:

“Start your own dream dont live off someone elses”


While this is perfectly reasonable as a sentiment, it assumes that everyone’s “dream” is the same. For many people, the “dream” is to have the independence and long term security of business ownership without so many of the associated risks and responsibilities that usually come with that ownership. For those people franchising is the perfect business ownership choice.

Below are just a few of the many advantages to franchise ownership:


The Cost of Vision

When you start up an independent business, you need more that the dream. You need a vision…and a hope that customers understand and need your product and services. Your business, no matter how brilliantly conceived, will have to connect with consumers in a way that makes financial sense to them. Even if you are successful, that may take more time and more money than you ever ever expected.

With a franchise, the founder of the franchise has spent his time and money crafting his vision into something that consumers need or desire and are willing to buy.  That is time and money that you, as a franchisee, do not have to spend. It usually takes a business 7-10 years before it is successful enough to be franchised. That’s often what it takes to perfect a business model.


Buying Power

As a new independent business owner, your business costs are based on the buying power of your one small business.

With a franchise, the franchise has negotiated lower prices based on the buying power of 50 or 500, or 1,000 of its franchises. Those savings are passed down to you.


 Research and Development

As an independent business owner, your ability to keep up with competitors and to research trends and develop new profit centers is limited.

Most franchises have research and development departments that are designed to take advantage of the latest trends and to ensure that your franchise gets innovation into the market before your competitors do.



As an independent business owner, you may have a network of other business owners to discuss your business problems with, but it is unlikely that those owners will be in your industry. If you are a dry cleaner and you are having a business problem, you cannot call the dry cleaner down the street to ask for advice: He is your competitor.

With a franchise, you will get to know dozens or hundreds of other franchisees that are in the exact same business as you and who actually have an interest in your success. You will be constantly sharing best practices one on one, or at company meetings. In other words, you are never alone.


The goals of independent ownership and franchise ownership are very similar: independence, security, growth control of your own destiny. But, Franchise businesses offer a much higher chance of success, with less risk and less responsibility. For some people that is “the dream.”

 If your dream is to minimize your risk while achieving long term security, buying a franchise might be a good move. If you want more information on the advantages of franchise ownership, feel free to call or email OnlyFranchises.